• Colors and words

    Welcome to my new project that can be your biggest project to be aware and to be in your energies.

    It's your choice if you decide to challenge yourself in the reflections that are in each combination. It will correctly lead to a self-development. 

    On the back of each card is the logo in the colors Magenta and Turquoise. The magenta energy represents experience, all that are behind you, all that you have already created, both negative and positive. The turquoise energy is for changes, shift, to dare to see new possibilities and to create whatever you wish.  The mix of them is the now, in the energies that you now create from the aspects of what has been and what is going to happen. 

    With the cards, I would like to get you to feel and think and feel and think one more time. To reevaluate, to strengthen, to be aware of your potantial with all the knowledge that you already has inside. 

    These cards are for you if you wants to know more about yourself, your energies, not only what you're in right now, but also how you can create more.
    And if you want to know more about what energies are active in your life.
    Also if you want to know more about the energies qualities to create more resources in your life. 
    And if you want guidance through all of the spectra of colors.

    If, then also the self-study course is something for you to use to the cards. 

    In the self-study course, you find more text of each card, the color, the energy and how you can take experience and also create more energy. 

    You can guidance others, maybe by pulling a card or two. Reflect on the words and the colors and the reflections to each combination.

    For the self-study course you get a login, then you get into the materials, but also mp3 of me speaking about the cards and movies to see more of each color- each energy.

    Now it's your move when you have the deck in your hand, by post some days and the self-study course in 24 hours after you booked the course. 

  • Ylva Faith Trollstierna

    1rodenergi.jpgYou can read more about me Ylva that created the Yiang symbol deck on my homepage www.ylvatrollstierna.com

    I have worked with Tarot cards for over 40 years and even in that with symbols, colors for about 25 years. These are my two biggest interests besides of inspiring (or provoke). I have written 26 books and created four decks before this Yiang deck. An another variant of these symbols are on my Prisma Tarot deck but here are they more independent with words.

    This deck and the text are created from a conscious thought on the 9th of April 2017 after a talk with my muse. And from that and forward a lot more will happen on this page and it's up to you when you decide to hold this deck in your hand.

    Grateful that you find your way here. May a lot of color strong words follow your life. /Ylva

  • Self study course


    Yiang is 79 cards with the Yin and Yang symbol as the base but with the combination of each color of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, magenta, turquoise, pink, black and white. 

    If you already got my Prisma Tarot card, then you will get more knowledge to the color symbols on that deck. On this deck its only the color and the word for each combination.  This will give you an insight of the color, the quality of the energy but also build sentences of the words. There is no coincidence what card you choose, that is the energy that you're now are. 

    Start to pick a card; then you can read more from the meaning of the card.

    On this page for the deck, there is som basic text for the cards but there also a self-study course with more text and mp3 and movies with more knowledge around the cards. Reflections to each combination for all is a perfect synkronice and it syou choice (sub-or overly consiunios the energy that affects you now. 

    How can you let go of patterns? How can you create new possibilities?

    This is new text based on the energy of each color and on the words. If you didnt know, I just love words, senteses, sayings and of course everything that has to do with colors. 

    You can see this as an free-standing course of colors and the colors are the energies that guide you throguh your development without you needing to know and have the knowledge of aura and chakras but it may be a bonus through time of the knowledge you put in.

    This is an opportunity for you that likes colors, likes symboliks, like words and want to develop more of your intuition and inner mind. 

    All the words have different meaning for us all, even if we put an meaning on each word from our experience. Maybe your first word was "lamp, " and by time you learned to assicoate that word with illumination,  light, shine ans so on. Every word has a meaning to you, not only in the common life, it also creata patterns and possibilities if you learn to listen to the word.

    All colors has a differetn energy for us all, even if it affect us motsly the same, depending on what energy your in. 

  • Get your deck

    yinyang.gifYou can be one of the first ones to evolve through my new deck- Yiang symbol.

    This is the empty template that I used. In original, like the Yin and Yang symbol, it's black and white. These colors are for the feminine and masculine energies. All the colors have an antipole, and every combination is unique. 

    My deck is built with two colors on each card. The colors are supposed to "speak" to your right hemisphere, and each word on each card should "speak" to your left hemisphere. Through the balance between them, both you will get in contact with your inner higher self that holds the truth. 

    Besides that, you can strengthen your intuition in the guidance of the cards you can ask questions (that are in the self-study course) but even play games with the, but simple and with guidance from synchronizing. 

  • Words for the colors

    Red - Power

    Orange - Impulse

    Yellow - Will

    Green - Harmony

    Blue- Attitude

    Indigo - Insight

    Purple - Illusion

    Magenta - Experience

    Turquoise - Shift

    Pink - Unlimited

    Black - Stillness

    White - Bliss